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Croats Eating 2 kgs Less Meat than EU

CroatiaCroatians are eating around 2 kgs less meat than their European Union counterparts…

250,000 tons of meat and meat products are consumed annually in Croatia, an average of 62.5 kgs per capita, more than 2 kgs less than the EU average of 64.7 kgs per capita. Croatia’s average is very high, considering the purchasing power of Croats and the rising prices of meat. The European Commission says that meat consumption is expected to rise in the coming years after dropping more than 15% in the last two-year with high unemployment across the continent a contributing factor.

In 2011 the EU average annual consumption was 66.1 kgs. The EU commissions report suggest that Europeans will eat around 1% more chicken and 2.8% more pork in the next 9 years.

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