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Croatia’s Population to Drop to 2.5 Million, Says Latest UN Report

Croatia’s population set to drop dramatically over next 80 years

The world’s population will pass the 8 billion mark in 2023, next year the number of over 60s will top 1 billion, and Croatia’s population is set to fall by 15%, according to the latest findings and forecasts from the United Nations annual population survey.

The UN’s ‘World Population Prospects 2017’ report shows that Croatia currently has a population of 4.189 million people, of which 2.019 million are men and 2.170 million are women, but in ten years time, the population will drop below 4 million.

The report suggests that in 2050 the population will be just under 3.5 million, whilst in 2100 it will drop to just over 2.5 million people. The average life expectancy in Croatia in 2100 will be 88.8.

The report reveals that apart from Croatia, a number of Eastern European nations will likely to be particularly badly affected by population trends, with numbers likely to drop by more than 15% also in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine.

More than half of the global population growth by 2050 is set to come from sub-Saharan Africa, the UN predictions released last week showed.

Close to half the growth in the world’s population, which will reach 9.8 billion in 2050, will come from just 9 countries: India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, the US, Uganda, and Indonesia. By 2050 seven of the world’s 20 most populous nations will be African.

Check out the full World Population Prospects 2017 report here.

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