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Croatia’s Mobile Internet Speed Lagging Behind

CroatiaMobile roaming charges may have been slashed from today, but mobile users in Croatia may still have some other reasons to be frustrated. A ‘State of the Internet’ report by an American tech company reports that Croatia comfortably sits at the bottom of the pile in Europe when it comes mobile internet speed…

Croatia sits at the bottom of the 24-ranked European countries with mobile Internet speed of 2.2 megabytes per second at their disposal, while for example, the leading operators in the Ukraine offer an average of 7.3 megabytes per second, in Sweden 6.6, and Austria 6.1 megabytes per second. Croatia’s speed currently puts it alongside countries such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Iran (2.0 Mbps), and slightly ahead of Malaysia and Sri Lanka (2.3).

When compared to its neighbours, Croatia does not fare much better – Slovenia with 3.5 megabytes per second, and Italy with more than double (4.6), comfortably faster. Although slower than the rest, it is not all doom and gloom, according to The Economist, Croats pay on average 12.9 dollars for 500 megabytes, less than a number of countries in the region.

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