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Croatia’s Largest Building Approaching 40th Anniversary

When it comes to large residential buildings every city has got them. Dubai has Princess Tower, Gold Coast in Australia has Q1, the US has Trump Tower in New York and Croatia has Mamutica in Zagreb.

Located in the small suburb of Travno in New Zagreb, Mamutica, meaning mammoth in Croatian (female), is the largest building by volume in Croatia. When the massive apartment complex was built-in 1974, it was built to be the largest communal housing block in southeast Europe. Here are some quick facts about the raw concrete monstrosity:

– 240 metres long
– 70 metres high
– 20 floors
– 1,212 apartments
– 5,000 residents
– Valued at 135 million euros
– Built in one large block to create more park space
– Sinking 2-3 millimetres per year, according to some experts|
– A crime TV series was made called  Mamutica and  broadcast on Croatian TV focusing on police cases being solved in and around the building
– During the 1990’s civil war when air raid warnings were given that Zagreb was under attack, tenants of Mamutica gathered in the atomic shelters which had been constructed in the newly built socialist neighborhoods

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