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Croatia’s chief epidemiologist says fine for not wearing mask should be €100-200

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 (Photo credit: HINA/ Miljenko KLEPAC)

ZAGREB, Nov 28 (Hina) – Croatian Institute of Public Health director Krunoslav Capak said on Saturday fines for those not wearing masks in public transport or indoors should be between €100 and 200, according to the public broadcaster HRT.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control forecasts a huge increase in infections in Croatia and that the curve will not flatten before February, Capak said at a health congress.

“When we introduced measures a little over ten days ago, the curve started flattening. We had a mild increase and thought that was the peak. However, last week the number started suddenly rising again, which resulted in additional measures. We don’t have projections of the numbers but we are counting on the trend turning,” he said when asked until when the latest restrictions, in force as of today, would last.

Capak said all of Croatia was “deep in the red” but that in terms of COVID-19 mortality it stood much better than other EU member states. “Many of those countries introduced much stricter measures before us, but their situation isn’t improving.”

As an example, he mentioned Austria, which imposed an almost full lockdown on November 2, and Slovenia, which did so on October 25, yet their infection numbers are not improving and mortality is worse than in Croatia.

Capak also commented on protests against the latest restrictions scheduled for today despite a ban on the assembly of more than 25 people.

“I’m always against repressive measures. We are epidemiologists, regularly monitoring the situation, and proposing what should be done for the situation to improve. However, I think the time has come to punish those who are not ready for responsibility and solidarity.”

“I haven’t been informed about the protests… but I suppose that if there are more than 25 people, civil protection inspectors and others who supervise the (enforcement of the) measures will react, at least towards organisers,” he said.

Asked how much the fine for not wearing a mask should be, Capak said the law on the protection of the population from infectious diseases would be amended in fast track and that, as far as he knew, the draft was ready, except the fine amount.

We think the fine should be between €100 and 200 for not wearing a mask in public transport or indoors, he added.

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