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Croatia’s Adriatic Sea One of the Cleanest in Europe

According to the latest report released by the European Environment Agency, Croatia is among just 8 European nations who can boast that their sea water is above average in quality.

The Adriatic Sea on the Croatian coast is checked every 15 days at over 900 control points, which again is also higher than the European average.”The reason for the strict criteria is so that we can quickly notice any negative processes in the marine environment, ie, the deterioration of water quality, and we can quickly then find the cause and implement remedial measures, ” says Darius Vukšić from Institute of Public Health.

“It is beautiful, it is very clean. We have been up and down the coast and the sea is just gorgeous,” said one Italian tourist to Croatia, agreeing with the latest report. Other European nations with excellent water quality include Cyprus, Malta, and Greece.


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