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Croatians Going Next Door to Get Married

CroatiaAn increasing number of Croatian couples are now deciding to tie the knot in neighbouring Herzegovina, so much so that venues are turning couples away because they are booked through until 2015, reports Sarajevo daily Avaz.

The reason why so many couples are choosing to celebrate the big day in Herzegovina and not in Croatia is mainly because of costs – with weddings in Herzegovina up to ten thousand euros cheaper than the same services in Croatia.

“It pays off for them because it is cheaper here. Let’s just look at the cost of dinner (per head at table) here it costs 18 euro and in Croatia around 65 euros. In one night you can save 10,000 euros),” said Ivan Bešlić from a wedding venue in Herzegovina, adding that they recently hosted a wedding for a couple who came from Varaždin in Croatia and bought with them 6 buses of guests. Some wedding venues in Herzegovina are now completely booked out until 2015.

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