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Croatians Among World’s Biggest Drinkers

Croatians drink wine than any other alcoholic drink

Croatians drink wine more than any other alcoholic drink

Croatia has been ranked 4th in the world out of 186 countries for alcohol consumption, according to data from the World Health Organization.

Only Belarus, Lithuania and the Czech Republic as nations consumed more alcohol per- capita than Croatia, the detailed report revealed.

Belarus topped the list with a per-capita rate of 17.3 litres of alcohol consumed annually. Croatia was in 4th place with an average of 12.18 litres of alcohol drunk per person annually.

The report breaks down the alcohol consumption into categories also with Croatians favouring wine. Out of the 12.18 litres drunk per-capita, 5.89 litres were wine. Beer made up for 4.7 litres, whilst 1.2 litres of spiritis was consumed per capita.

America’s rate is around 8.7 litres per-capita, just ahead of Canada who consumed 8.2 litres. Australia was ranked 23rd in the world on around 10 litres with the UK in 18th spot with 10.67 litres per-capita annually consumed.

The report showed that wine was more popular in Western Europe, with the Austrians and Germans the biggest beer consumers. Eastern European led the way when it came to spirit consumption.

Check out the detailed report here.

(courtesy of thedailyviz.com)

(courtesy of thedailyviz.com)

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