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Croatian Wines to be Honoured at France’s Oldest Wine Competition

Challenge International du Vin will be honouring Croatian wines

Challenge International du Vin will be honouring Croatian wines

The 2016 Challenge will take place on 1st and 2nd April in Bourg en Gironde, with Croatia invited as guest of honour. This is set to be a special year for the internationally recognized competition, which celebrates 40 years of existence. Registration is open!

As well as the usual internationally respected medals, the Challenge International du Vin 2016 will award more than 18 Special Prizes: The Special Prize for Croatian wine, Special Prizes by Wine Style (France and International), a Special Prize for Organic Wine, and Special Prizes for Wines from Blaye and Bourg. These coveted awards provide wineries with real commercial advantages!

This year, the Challenge International du Vin will be honouring Croatian wines.

Focus on Croatian wines

Croatia has made great strides to improve the quality of its wines. While wine has been produced in Croatia since Roman times, the last decade has seen major investment both in individual wineries and at a regional level. With exports, accolades, specialist press attention and presence at major international salons all on the rise, global recognition for Croatian wines is rapidly growing.

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Croatia guest of honour

Croatian wine in figures

• The wine-producing region covers 33,000 hectares, the equivalent of slightly more than a quarter of the Bordeaux region.

• Average annual output: 1.5 million hectolitres.

• The world’s 21st ranked wine-producing nation.

• 65% whites, 35% reds.

• 2 unique and important characteristics:

Croatia has 200 different grape varietals, of which 60 are native, as well as 300 documented wine-producing regions.

Wineries from France and across the world will take part in a grand tasting, 1st and 2nd April 2016, to celebrate the competition’s 40th anniversary!

A chance to come to the Citadelle de Bourg and discover an international selection from 40 award-winning wineries. With entry costing no more than a glass, this is a great opportunity to taste and buy some truly excellent wines. Visit the official site for more information:


Address: Avenue Léo Lagrange,

33710 Bourg

About the Concours International du Vin:

Created in 1976, it is the oldest and one of the largest international wine competitions to be organized in France. It was certified to ISO 9001 in 2008. In spring of every year, over 700 professionals, oenologists, winegrowers, distributors and wine lovers gather in the town of Bourg to taste more than 5,000 wines from over 35 different countries.

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