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Croatian Weekend in Steelton Pennsylvania

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

Croatian Weekend in Steelton (Private album)

By Marija Krpan Kuren

Traditions continue on in Steelton, PA despite the pandemic the past 2 years. If nothing else Steelton is known for preserving its Croatian traditions and a good time. When coming to Steelton one will never go hungry, thirsty, or without a smile on their face.

Despite the past two crazy and unpredictable years Steelton made sure to come together in 2022 for one of its most loved weekends, Croatian weekend: St. Lawrence Day (8/6/22) and the traditional St. Mary’s Picnic (8/7/22).

The festivities kicked off early in the days leading up to this exciting weekend…lambs were prepped, desserts were baked, and potatoes were peeled.

Early Saturday morning the St. Lawrence Lodge 13 lamb crew started the fire so the lamb would be ready for lunchtime.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

St. Lawrence Lodge 13 lamb crew

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

Lodge president Scott Kuren cuts lamb for guests

The Sv. Lovro Jr. Tamburitzans led the procession down 2nd Street from the Lodge Home to the newly renovated Assumption of the BVM Church/Prince of Peace Parish for mass. 

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

Sv. Lovro Jrs process from the Lodge home to Assumption of BVM church for mass

This long-standing tradition is not only memorable for those walking in the procession but also for those neighbors living along the procession route who look forward to this every year.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton 2Croatian Weekend in Steelton 2

After mass the Adult and Junior tamburica groups performed several songs and dances for the fully-crowded lodge home.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

The St. Lawrence Adult and Junior Tamburitzans perform at the Lodge home.

T.S. Okolica (Mike Furjanic, Steve Grassa, Robert Lambrix, Chris Lambrix, Joey Cibort, and Adriana Vukmanic) played crowd favorites from songs to polkas to kolos late into the night.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

If that wasn’t enough fun, there was plenty more in store for Sunday.

Once again the St. Mary’s Preservation Society lamb crew set the coals on fire early for the lamb and pork.

Fr. Maurus Dolcic, an honorary Steeltonian, celebrated Croatian mass accompanied by tambura music at the Cibort Park picnic grounds.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

After mass the crowd was ready for lunch! There was everything and anything to please your hungry heart…lamb, pork, cevapcici, potato salad, cabbage and noodles, sausage sandwiches, and can’t forget the strudel, always a crowd favorite and first to sell out.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

The St. Lawrence Adult Tamburitzans serenaded picnic goers with songs of yesterday and today from Ustani Bane to Moja Domovina

The Polka Whoo and T.S. Okolica made sure the crowd was entertained with plenty of kolos, polkas, and waltzes.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

Sadly, this wonderful weekend had to come to a close, but our hearts are full of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Love for our Croatian culture and heritage. Gratitude for this town and its people for preserving our Croatian traditions. Appreciation for the volunteers who gave countless hours to make this weekend happen.

Croatian Weekend in Steelton

Od svega srca….HVALA! See you the first weekend in August 2023!

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