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Croatian TV Available Around the World Via App


Croatian television station HRT4 has become an international free-to-air TV channel…

HRT will cease broadcasting ‘Slika Hrvatske’, an informative show about Croatian history, culture and heritage, as well as news and entertainment programmes, which airs to Croatians abroad in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

In its place will be content from HRT4, which has just become a free-to-air TV channel around the world.

HRT4 joins Croatian radiotelevision’s (HRT) new multimedia application HRTi. Users can download the HRTi application on their mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptops from North America to Australia and New Zealand and start accessing HRT content.

Users will now be able to free of charge watch HRT4 from Croatia live 24 hours a day. Content includes Croatian sport, news, documentary films and more.

HRTi is available on all platforms – IOS, Android, Windows Phone, mobiles and tablets, as well as desktop computers. All 4 tv channels and 12 radio channels are available to watch live on the app, however some programmes are restricted due to international licensing.

In the last three months since HRTi started it has over 65,000 users, HRT New Media Director Igor Duić said as guest on Studio 4, adding that they are working on the app to be available for LG and Samsung smart televisions.

Check out HRTi here.

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