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Croatian Tourism Generates 7.2 Billion Euros in 2013

croatia_bol (2)According to figures released by the Croatian National Bank (HNB), Croatia in 2013 generated 7.2 billion euros from tourism, growth of 5% from 2012…

Last year income generated from tourism made up a 16.5% share of Croatia’s total GDP, up 1% compared to the previous year, reported the Ministry of Tourism.

“Last year’s tourism revenue exceeded 7 billion euros which is why I am very pleased because this show a clear direction in development of Croatian tourism. Growth in revenues from tourism is proof that our offers and services in the tourism sector are more diverse, richer and of higher quality, which of course has a positive impact of Croatia’s competitiveness on the global tourism scene. Actual financial results are in line with the ambitious plans and objectives of the Tourism Development Strategy, and at this pace of growth, I am confident that Croatia by 2020 will really be at the top of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world,” said Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin.

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