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Croatian Tourism Association welcomes new health recommendations

ZAGREB, May 12 (Hina) – The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) welcomes the latest health recommendations to allow hotels, camps and accommodation facilities to reopen, even though some aspects are not precise, and it is important for hotels and camps to remain what they are, HUT director Veljko Ostojic told Hina on Tuesday.

“We see the new recommendations for hotels and camps to work in amended conditions as a result of the time and circumstances they were made in. Even though some of the recommendations are insufficiently precise, we presume that that is the result of the volume of work that the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) has and we believe that that will also change in accordance with the epidemiological situation,” Ostojic said.

He underscored that the recommendations require significant additional costs and that it is questionable to what measure these investments will be returned, considering the uncertainty of the tourism year.

“In line with the recommendations and the current conditions, small hotels with à la carte restaurants are opening which are on the most part oriented to domestic guests. Large hotels will reopen once crossing borders has been normalised,” he added.

HZJZ released its recommendations on Monday evening for hotels, camps, and accommodation facilities and marinas to open, setting a series of general rules of physical distancing indoors and out, including restaurants, reception desks, beaches, bars and elsewhere.

Among other recommendations, HZJZ explained that pools may be used, but with more frequent cleaning and a reduced number of people at the same time.

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