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Croatian Talk Show – new popular FB live show by Andrea Pisac

Andrea Pisac hosts the Croatian Talk Show

Andrea Pisac, mostly known as the creator of Croatia Honestly and author of Croatian Desserts cookbook, has launched a new live show. 

Croatian Talk Show – which is its official name too – streams live every Saturday at 2 PM, Croatian time) from Croatia Honestly FB page. Every episode focuses on something Croatian which is peculiar, outstanding and extraordinary. Andrea goes live from her study and is joined by a guest via Skype. It’s a perfect setup for weathering these difficult times when we are safest when we stay at home. 

Croatian Talk Show launched with one of the most Croatian topics – how to drink coffee in Croatia. More episodes followed: 2) Cabbage is forever, 3) Croatian Folk Tales and 4) Croatian Home Remedies. You can catch the entire playlist here:


Andrea says that people love tuning into the live broadcast, ask questions and just to wave hello. The show is watched in every corner of the world where Croatians live. But even if you can’t join while the show is live, a replay remains available on the page. You can also subscribe to get notifications about future topics, guests and broadcast times. 


The next episode streams live tomorrow, Saturday, 4 April, at 1 PM Croatian time, from Croatia Honestly FB page. (1 hour earlier to fit around the global prayer at 2 PM)

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