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Croatian startup breaks record after raising 3.1 million kuna in 26 hours

Top Digital Agency

ZAGREB, 27 February 2019 – They are young and ambitious, and have just achieved their greatest success so far. Croatian startup Top Digital Agency is proof that effort and hard work pays off.  

The Croatian startup has just broken a crowdfunding record after raising 3.1 million kuna in funding in just 26 hours. 

Today, when a large number of young people are leaving Croatia, they have stayed. Who are Top Digital Agency and what do they do? 

TDA is an online platform that connects companies and their projects with digital agencies that carry projects through with their knowledge and experience. The platform is based on the idea that companies and digital agencies can work together no matter where they are – everything they need is just the place to meet.

“Companies leave requests for services such as web design, app development, branding and advertising, and digital agencies from around the world can pitch to do the work. We get company requests from all over the world and there are currently over 2,500 digital agencies from 110 countries on the platform,” TDA said.

CEO Goran Deak

The headquarters of the company are in Zagreb and at the moment they have have a team of 18 (including external associates and consultants), including members from South Africa, India and America.

TDA team

Hard work and fresh ideas helped take TDA to TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 in San Francisco, which is one of the most important events of the year for the startup world, after they won the prestigious Best Startup Award in South Europe in 2018.  

The success continued, and in mid-February this year, TDA was selected among the TOP 50 startups in the world by Startup Grind, the largest startup community in the world. 

TDA at Startup Grind

With the goal to raise resources for further business development, TDA launched a crowdfunding campaign at the end of February on the Funderbeam platform, which helps private companies with high growth in business financing. 

The platform helps founders raise funds, provide access, and unique liquidity, to early-stage capital investors. The minimum campaign target was to raise €300,000 and the maximum amount of €400,000. The 30-day campaign was launched on February 21. 

In just 26 hours after the public opening of the campaign, TDA raised slightly more than 3.1 million kuna, or 141% of the initial amount requested. Such success has positioned TDA as the fastest Funderbeam campaign in the world. 

Launching the Funderbeam campaign

After this investment, it remains to see what will still come from Top Digital Agency. The investment is a good wind in their sails, and their results have proven that the sky is the limit.


You can see the campaign on Funderbeam here.

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