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Croatian Start-Up Signs Deal With Fox Sports Australia

A Croatian start-up company is starting to make waves in the advanced electronics industry after recently gaining a high-profile client –  Fox Sports Australia.

The collaboration between Croatian start-up StypeGRIP and Fox Sports Australia will see the global leader in sport broadcasting use StypeGRIP technology to help improve their reality visuals for real-time studio shows during its coverage of the NRL (National Rugby League) season.

StypeGRIP’s Stype kit software, which sends precise information to a computer regarding camera position in 3D environment, will provide Fox Sports Australia with automated aiming and focusing, motion control and a virtual output, allowing for a more dynamic product for viewers.

“StypeGRIP were 10 times cheaper than the competition on the market. We are excited that viewers will be able to see something they have never seen before and that is exciting for us,” said Paul Slater, a director at Fox Sports Australia. In 2010 StypeGRIP won a gold medal for the best invention at a British Innovation Fair and last year collaborated with Lebanese TV house MBC1.

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