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Croatian social enterprise Da-Mogu empowering knitters

Croatian social enterprise Da-Mogu empowering knitters with disabilities


A Croatian social enterprise is aiming to raise just over 11,000 euros (HRK 85,000) in order to employ two knitters with disabilities. 

Da-Mogu, who’s long-term plan is to produce and sell high-quality knitwear and achieve sustainability and to promote handicrafts, especially in times of crisis, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Croinvest platform.

Da-Mogu says that since the pandemic began, employment, providing the preconditions for an active, engaged and fulfilling life, for vulnerable groups, but also a large number of people who have lost their jobs, is becoming crucial.

The campaign has a number of goals. Apart from employing those who are hard-to-employ, Da-Mogu aim to gather and connect knitters, while providing them with professional training and education, ensure a high level of production quality and placement on the knitwear market, ensure financial resources to equip work space and provide educational activities and also to promote the benefits of hand crafts and knitting.

Why knitting

“There are numerous benefits to manual labour, especially in difficult living circumstances, older age, or periods of social isolation. There are motor, cognitive and social benefits to knitting, to which we add those creative ones and the pleasure dedicated to handicrafts, the development of creative skills and an increase in general satisfaction and mood,” Da-Mogu says.

Croatian social enterprise Da-Mogu empowering knitters with disabilities


Da-Mogu is a newly founded social enterprise, founded by Tatjana Aćimović, a professional project manager, theater and film producer, art production and project management teacher. Tatjana participated in the establishment of civil society organizations with the aim of protecting the rights of children and youth, and has many years of work experience in raising the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. She has developed, created and led projects that advocate equal rights for all. She is the artistic director of the Children’s Rights Festival. In this context, perhaps most importantly, she is a passionate knitter and mountaineer. She knitted her first sweater at the age of 16.

The first partner institutions and organizations that joined Da-Mogu were the Croatian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and retirement homes Sveti Josip in Zagreb and Trnje. So far, 18 models of knitted hats of various colors and sizes have been designed, and the first stock for online sale is currently in production. 

“Products will be sold through our web store www.damogu.org starting November 2021. We gathered seventeen experienced knitters and formed an organized network of knitters who either live or work in Zagreb and the surrounding area. Our goal is to sell high-quality products in order to achieve competitiveness, sustainability and employ as many interested knitters as possible,” Da-Mogu adds.

Croatian social enterprise Da-Mogu empowering knitters with disabilities


How will Da-Mogu invest the donations?

In addition to direct support to the employment of knitters, the result of the fundraising ensures the production of knitted hats, the creation of stocks for sale, increased chances for economic sustainability and competitiveness of the social enterprise on the market. This way they would ensure the employment even after the 12-month period, as well as the employment of additional knitters.

If they collect more than the planned amount, Da-Mogu will then hire two more interested knitters as well as form a network of knitters and hire another office administrator.

More details can and how to support can be found on the website HERE

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