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Croatian smart bike bench stand to go on Auckland waterfront in New Zealand

Monna cycling point example/Croatia  (Photo: Include)

ZAGREB, 22 May 2020 – An innovative Croatian product is set to grace Auckland’s waterfront in New Zealand. 

Croatian company Include, which was founded by Ivan Mrvos in Solin near Split on the Croatian coast, has installed over 1,000 of their smart benches in over 50 global markets on five continents in more than 260 international cities. Earlier this year, they opened their first office outside of Croatia in the UK.

Include’s Steora smart bench is one of the most ingenious ever designed. An advanced controller inside the bench makes battery charging possible even when the seating area is occupied and PV modules are shaded. With a super-fast Wi-Fi internet connection, Steora’s main features also include chargers for charging different types of devices. The bench comes with two USB ports with ambient light for charging any type of device using a USB cable.

In 2018, Mrvos and Include unveiled the Monna cycling point which is a solar-powered point that comes with multiple functionalities such as bike racks and electrical sockets for charging electric bicycles, bike repairing tools, wireless charging pad and charging ports for wired phones, night illumination, and data collecting. 

Ivan Mrvos’ smart bench in Split (Photo: Include)

This week a Monna cycling point arrived in New Zealand. 

“Even during COVID-19, we are shipping from Include in Solin, Croatia all the way to Auckland, New Zealand. This Monna bench travelled 18.000 km to its final destination. I really love it when we ship our products this far away from home and just thinking that 18,000 km away some Auckland citizen you will never meet is using something your team and you designed, produced, and shipped. What a pleasure,” CEO Ivan Mrvos said.

Monna (Photo: Include)

Monna (Photo: Include)

Look what we have here in our Auckland warehouse, all the way from Croatia. Our new Solar Bicycle Stand/Bench, Monna from Include traveled with a robust packaging of 2950cm x 740 cm x 2400 cm. Include Monna model is all packed and ready to be installed at the Auckland waterfront,” writes Glowbal NZ.

The company, which began its journey out of Mrvos’ garage in 2014, employs more than 40 professionals in R&D, sales, marketing, finance, production, and procurement departments.

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