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Croatian Singer Performs Concert in Plane

CroatiaPopular Croatian singer Massimo Savić has done what no other singer in the region has done to date and performed a concert on board a plane more than 4,000 metres in the air…

This week the 51-year-old Pula born singer set up stage inside a Croatia Airlines plane and played to passengers as the plane cruised around the skies above Zagreb together with Slovenian pop singer Ayla. Massimo said the experience was a unique one, especially since he had a fear of flying.

“I watched a lot of those programmes, Plane Crash Investigation and 60 seconds to disaster, and I always feared the worst, but through music and this concert I was able to overcome my fear. It was strange when the plane slightly tilted, and I was playing the guitar. I made a few little mistakes, and so did my keyboard player, but all this is irrelevant when one sees the result, I would love to do it again,” said Massimo, who is believed to be the third person to perform a concert in the air.

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