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Croatian Series at One of World’s Largest Festivals in Paris

PUMThere has been more success for the Croatian drama series ‘Počivali u miru’ (Rest in Peace), with news that it will be Croatia’s first ever representative at the prestigious Series Mania Festival in France…

Series Mania Festival, which will be held in Paris from 22 – 30 April, is one of the world’s most well-known festivals dedicated to the hottest new TV series coming out of the US, UK, France and around the world and for the first time will have a Croatian representative.

‘Počivali u miru’ (Rest in Peace) is a 12-episode drama series uncovering the dark secrets from the past through the interesting stories of ordinary people. Lucija Car, a young journalist, together with Martin Strugar, a retired prison guard, embarks on a journey of discovery that leads her and Martin to the hidden truths about past events. They are opposed by all those who want to keep these secrets buried deeply underground. Rest in Peace deals with dangerous secrets of the former communist regime and major social issues from Croatias recent history that have plagued all transitional countries. In February this year, one of the largest five TV and Film studios in the world – Lionsgate – purchased the rights for the local Croatian drama series and will make a US version.

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