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Croatian Presidential Candidate Arrested

10922464_873521699335642_8682431113106932765_nHe was a candidate in Croatia’s current presidential elections, winning 16.42% of the vote in the first round of elections, but on Thursday he was arrested by police in the nation’s capital…

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić was arrested by police on Thursday morning along with around 40 other members of the Živi zid NGO, an organisation which actively prevents the eviction of citizens onto the streets by what they claim as ‘banks and corrupt courts’. Sinčić, who received a large number of votes in the first round of Croatia’s presidential elections on 28 December, was arrested by police in a street in Zagreb as he and Živi zid members tried to prevent the eviction of a man from his home in the suburb of Trnje. It is reported that Sinčić was taken away by police after refusing to follow instructions when he entered an area that was cordoned off by police.

Police remove activists on Thursday in a Zagreb suburb

Police remove activists on Thursday in a Zagreb suburb

Police turned up to the address with 4 paddywagons and removed the activists who had blocked access to the property one-by-one. Sinčić said this week that Živi zid would try to prevent 6 evictions which will be carried this month alone.


(photos / Krtica)

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