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Croatian Portal Becomes First to Ban Comments

Net.hrOne of the world’s most popular online news sites – The Huffington Post – recently banned anonymous comments underneath its articles, now one of Croatia’s leading news sites has gone one step further by removing the ability to comment on articles completely.

Net.hr have become the first Croatian portal to remove the comment section from its site, saying that it only became a forum for negative and abusive messages.

“Although we have before removed the comments section under articles where we have written about any minority – ethnic or religious, one’s sexual orientation, children, deceased … because we noticed that they would get attacked frequently with vulgar and disgusting  (comments), it was still not enough,” said net.hr in a statement, adding that the comments just became a forum for people to let their frustrations out in a negative and hateful way.

Huffington Post recently said that it deletes around 75% of incoming comments because of the abusive and negative nature of the comments. Will Net.hr start a new trend on the Croatian portal scene remains to be seen.

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