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Croatian ‘Paški Sir’ Wins Title at World Cheese Awards in the UK


A cheese from Kolan on the Croatian island of Pag has once again won a title at the prestigious 2015 World Cheese Awards which were recently held in Birmingham, England…

Sirana Gligora have for the fourth time won a trophy at the World Cheese Awards, this time winning in the award in the ‘Best Central and Eastern European cheese’ category for their ‘Paški sir from Kolan’.

This year 2,727 different cheeses from 25 countries around the globe took part in the awards, with the expert jury made up of a massive 250 judges from 22 nations.

Swiss cheese Le Gruyere were the overall global winners at the awards.



“This success is not by chance, because it is the third time that our Paški sir has won an international award. In 2014 Paški sir with pressed olilves won 1st place in USA in the best sheep’s cheese category, whilst Paški sir from (wine) must won in Nantwich, England. This year we also won awards in Milan for our goat cheeses,” said Gligora director Šime Gligora.




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