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Croatian Navy Testing Skills on Adriatic Coast

CroatiaThe Croatian Navy is currently in the midst of 5-days of military exercise in the waters on the central Adriatic coast…

“HARPUN 14”, which is taking place near the island of Žirje from 5-9 May, is a military exercise with target practice, and is the Croatian Navy’s main event this year. The aim of the exercise is to test planning procedures and decision-making processes in the implementation of the Joint Action Armed Forces, the units of the Croatian Navy, as well as testing the strength of the Croatian Army, Croatian Air Force and Air Defense, Special Operations Battalion Headquarters and Electronic Surveillance.

The forces participating in the exercise are rehearsing tactics, techniques and procedures for maritime landing, air and artillery support, special operations, electronic warfare, communications, tactical maneuvering, force protection, the implementation of indirect rocket attack, manning at sea, search and rescue, and towing vessels.

“Such exercises are extremely important, so we can with other branches, primarily the Navy, practice loading, unloading, assault operations and everything else,” said Army Commander Major General Dragutin Repinc. Foto: MORH/ J. Kopi

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