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Croatian islands register – all facts, info in one spot

Croatian islands regsiter

Krapanj (Photo credit: Hrvoje Photography/Unsplash)

Croatia, known for being a country of over 1,000 islands, has established a Register of Islands. 

This register records in one place all 1,244 islands, islets and rocks in Croatia classified according to external characteristics, features and other parameters important for the management, use and preservation of a unique island geographical unit.

The aim of the Register of Islands is data and cartographic recording of all 78 islands, 524 islets and 642 rocks that are an integral part of the territory of Croatia, creating databases for islands that will serve as a basis for analytical reports necessary for further guidance and policy of island development.

The Register of Islands, in version 1.0, has basic, geographical and demographic data, data on territorial jurisdiction as well as data on the development index, traffic connections and data from the Ministry of Health.

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Interesting information about Croatian islands that you may not know

Apart from the fact that after 30 years of establishing Croatia as a state, we finally know exactly how many islands the country has, with all the details known about them and the exact locations in one place.

Some of the most important facts:

– Croatia has 1,244 islands, islets and rocks, of which 78 are islands, 524 islets and 642 cliffs.

– The Croatian archipelago is the second largest archipelago in the Mediterranean.

– Along with Finland, Croatia is the only country in the European Union that has a Law on Islands.

– 132,756 inhabitants live on the islands, including the Pelješac peninsula, on 50 inhabited islands and the Pelješac peninsula in 18 cities, 41 municipalities and 345 settlements (Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, according to the 2011 census).

– Every 32nd resident of Croatia is an islander.

– 69.5% of the Croatian coast is islands.

– Without islands, the territorial sea of ​​Croatia would be two thirds smaller.

– The highest island peak is Vidova Gora on the island of Brač with 778 meters above sea level.

– The island of Pag has the longest coastline.

– The island of Cres has the largest area

– The longest island is the island of Hvar.

– The most inhabited island is the island of Krk with 19,383 inhabitants.

– The most densely populated island is Krapanj.

– Croatian islands are among the sunniest parts of Europe.

You can find the register of islands HERE.

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