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Croatian Innovator’s Electric Scooter About to Hit the Market

PanoramaThe prototype of an award-winning electric scooter designed by Croatian Vladimir Bošnjak is about to hit the streets…

Streeter, which won awards at innovation fairs in Thailand and in Osijek, is an electric scooter designed for getting about in the city. Bošnjak says that Streeter was designed for short trips such as getting to work, the shops or a cafe, and could help reduce the use of cars in cities.

“The whole thing started as a hobby for me, something I done in my free time to satisfy my need for creativity. While working on the project, I realized the potential it had,” Bošnjak says, adding that he has had requests from interested customers, as well as interests for manufacturers.

“The frame of prototype of the Streeter consists of few major parts that are mostly made of cheap square/rectangular tubes by welding while the cowlings are of epoxy and fiberglass fabric modeled over the styrofoam core and driven by the off-the-shelf E-bike kit by Golden Motor. The motor is brushless type, high-efficiency electric motor that performs 30 km with a single charge. Compared to a small city car consumption of 5l/100km, this vehicle is at least 10 times more efficient because single charging of batteries costs less than 0.2€,” he said

Bošnjak says that the reaction to the electric scooter has been mixed, but that the only the market will decide if Streeter becomes a hit or not.

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