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Croatian High-Performance Electric Bicycle Has London Premiere


Salon Privé in London has last night hosted the world premiere of the Greyp G12S, the most advanced high-performance electric bicycle evolved from, by now, the iconic model G12…

Faster, more responsive and juicier than its predecessor, the G12S comes in a stylish package delivering cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of fun.

Greyp G12 was the first electric bicycle designed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili, an iconic model built around the vast knowledge and experience gathered from in-house development and production of the Concept_One supercar. After the extremely successful firstborn Greyp G12 which was delivered to 26 countries on 5 continents, its successor, the new and fresh Greyp G12S, with its stunning performance takes the whole experience even further.

Many unique and intuitive features are developed from the ground up in order to make the everyday usage of Greyp even more pleasing and fun. Don’t bother with the keys, a sophisticated biometric sensor is used to activate the bike, which can be programmed to deploy different riding modes for different riders or even for a specific finger. With quick recharging abilities you will never be left high and dry and 3 pre-set riding modes will provide you with a desirable bike setup for every situation, weather you just feel like cruising down the streets or you’re in the mood to win the traffic-light grand prix.

The one of a kind user interface helps you plan your rides more efficiently and keeps you up to date with all of the bike’s parameters. Fresh Greyp can be whatever you want it to be. The electronically limited top speed of 70 km/h and unparalleled 120 km range will guarantee you a predominant role in the urban environment while full suspension construction and 12 kW of peak power, available at any given time, will take you on any off-road adventure you have ever imagined.

Nothing is left to chance, let alone style, so now you can choose between a discreet urban commuting bike and something a little bit more colourful to go along with distinctive style and a bold, sporty graphic that paints the bike’s true nature.


Meeting your match has never been easier. And even though they look similar, the G12S is actually a completely redesigned and upgraded Greyp G12. Countless hours are spent on engineering and redesigning components in order to create the fresh Greyp. The weight is reduced to improve the handling and maneuverability and the center of gravity is now much lower due to a different battery and internals layout: lighter components (battery management system and electronics) are placed on the top, while the battery pack has shifted towards the bottom. The G12S features a newly developed battery pack – instead of 2 separate battery modules on the initial G12 model, the G12S has an optimized single-module pack which has a higher capacity and less weight at the same time.

One of the goals of the upgraded G12S was to achieve superior off-road abilities which meant a complete redesign of the front and rear suspension. The components for the upgraded model are top of the line components developed for professional downhill bikes (new front fork, rear suspension and brakes), designed for durability in extreme conditions. Faster, more responsive and juicier the fresh Greyp is better in every way and the only thing which remained the same from the previous version is the huge amount of fun that every Greyp is packed with.


• 70 km/h top speed (electronically limited)

• 80 minutes recharging time

• range up to 120 km – 12kW peak power

• battery capacity 1,5 kWh

• Li-ion battery

• 4,3” colour touch display Main improvements:

• higher performance

• higher battery capacity

• superior off-road abilities

• redesigned and improved bicycle geometry

• reduced weight with lover center of gravity

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