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Croatian government proposes penalties for violations of epidemiological restrictions

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ZAGREB, Nov 30 (Hina) – The government on Monday forwarded to the parliament amendments to the law on protecting the population against infectious diseases to be discussed under fast-track procedure, proposing new measures to prevent and contain infectious diseases as well as fines for non-compliance.

“The legislative proposal prescribes the mandatory wearing of face masks or medical masks, which have to be used properly, banning or restricting public events and gatherings and banning or restricting private gatherings,” Health Minister Villi Beros said during a cabinet meeting.

The amendments point out that the course of the epidemic so far indicates the urgency to properly wear masks so as to cover the mouth and nose, which reduces the possibility of transmitting the virus. Masks are most important in closed premises and when social distance cannot be maintained.

The bill also proposes the supervision of the implementation of measures, to be conducted by police officers, Civil Protection inspectors, State Inspectorate inspectors and other official inspectors.

Fines range from HRK 500 to 40,000

The bill also proposes fines for violators, ranging between HRK 10,000 and HRK 40,000 for legal entities.

The person in charge in a legal entity, a natural person running a small business and natural persons running other private businesses can be fined between HRK 5,000 and HRK 10,000.

The fine for a natural person not wearing a face mask properly is HRK 500.

The fine for the owner of a private property who organises or allows a private gathering contrary to the law ranges between HRK 5,000 to HRK 10,000.

Fines are paid on the spot to the authorised inspector.

“As we said, we are not doing this gladly but we believe that this tool is necessary,” Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said.

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