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Croatian Firm Podravka Break into Lucrative China Market

studenac1Podravka is the only Croatian firm with a representative office in China, one of the world’s economic superpowers with a market of over 1 billion people…

Croatia’s leading food-to-pharma company Podravka is set to start selling its first products in Chinese supermarkets in July as it expands its business internationally.

Podravka will first launch its water (Studenac / Studena), ice tea, biscuits, sweets and children’s cereals (Lino) into China. The first shipment, which will take around 45 days to arrive by ship, will be on the shelves in China in July or August at the latest.

Podravka, which has the world-popular Vegeta in its portfolio, opened its China office in January this year, and received its permits to operate in China three months later.

Podravka's popular Vegeta

Podravka’s popular Vegeta

So will Vegeta be sold in China? That is Podravka’s long-term plan, however with a large variety of Chinese spices available and the locals tastes very specific, it may be difficult path the company said.

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