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Croatian Fast Food Brand Open in Sweden


Just months after opening a store in Norway, Croatian fast food brand Surf’n’Fries have opened a franchise in Sweden…

The Rijeka-based company, founded by Denis Polić and Andrija Čolak, are not stopping at Sweden and have already signed an agreement to open a store in Iran at the end of 2016.

Surf’n’Fries, which first launched in Croatia in 2009, have 50 stores in 12 countries now. Croatia has the most amount of stores (22), followed by Norway (3) and Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Vietnam with two each. There are also stores in Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey.


Surf’n’Fries stores use “SurfFry” oil free technology which they introduced themselves. SurfFry technology solves the problem of notorious unhealthy fast food items since it uses only air to make fries, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and other Surf’n’Fries specialty products.

Other than oil free technology, Surf’n’Fries has one of the best “On the Go” solutions for packaging. It is designed in a way that customer can hold an entire meal containing chicken nuggets, two sauces, fries and a drink in one hand comfortably and use the other hand to consume the meal.

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