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Croatian Employer’s Association Attacks PM For Stifling Business

The Croatian Employer’s Association (HUP) has attacked the Croatian Prime Minister and his government on the opening of Entrepreneurs Day in the capital on Monday, accusing them of stifling business growth in the country, reported Jutarnji list.

“10 years ago I spoke how as a society we have two roads ahead of us – driving on the highway or get stuck in a traffic jam. Today, 10 years later, it is evident that we have chosen the highway, or the fast road, but we have remained stuck in the traffic jam, which in the meantime has become so worn out and full of holes that it driving on it has become a hazard and is a struggle for survival,” said HUP boss Ivica Mudrinic, who is also in charge of Croatian Telecom.

Mudrinic urged Milanovic, who was in attendance, and his government to create a board of consensus on the economic future of Croatia, adding that Croatia needed Milanovic to stand up and be counted  and be a leader with reforms that would stimulate growth.

“Traffic jams are good for safety on the roads,” replied Milanovic to Mudrinic’s attack. Milanovic and President Josipovic both stressed the importance of attracting investment in Croatia’s economic future.

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