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Croatian Electric Bike Motoring To Worldwide Success

The first ever Croatian electric bike, produced by Zagreb company Bioplanet, is having great success around the world after just months on the market.

“Our bike is the most versatile two-wheeled vehicle on the global planet,” said Bioplanet’s CEO Sandra Mikulic when the company released their Bioplanet Bike earlier this year.

The Croatian designed and produced Bioplanet Bike, which has a nine-speed twist shifter, rear 180 mm hydraulic brakes, aluminum alloy wheels and a bottom-bracket integrated electric motor, has proved popular already around the world, selling in seven countries to date. Bioplanet is also developing distribution networks in big bike markets such as Germany, Holland and Belgium and plan to sell over 15,000 bikes annually. The bikes, which take two and half hours to charge, can travel for around 40 kilometres after being charged, can reach speeds of up to 45km per/hour and cost 3,000 euros. They say interest has been big in the US and there are plans to move production from Slavonski Brod in Croatia to California.

One thing which may help bike sales is a marketing campaign which the team at Bioplanet have recently come out with advert featuring two Playboy bunnies. The advert (below) collecting over 20,000 hits on YouTube in just a few days.

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