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Croatian drink Pelinkovac declared one of the world’s most interesting by American magazine

American magazine declares Croatian drink pelinkovac one of the world's most interesting

Badel’s Antique Pelinkovac (Photo: Badel 1862/Facebook)

Croatian beverage company Badel 1862 participated in this year’s Bar Convent in Brooklyn, one of the world’s most influential conferences for the bar and beverage industry.

In an article titled ‘15 must-try spirits, liqueurs and canned cocktails’, the American magazine USA Today listed the alcoholic brands that impressed them the most, and among them was Badel’s Antique Pelinkovac, declaring it one of the most interesting drinks this year.

Antique Pelinkovac is Badel’s oldest and most famous premium herbal liqueur that dates back to the year 1862, the same year the company was founded.

“Though not quite as pervasive in the United States as Scotch whisky or Italian amaro, Pelinkovac is a particularly intriguing liqueur that’s certainly worth sampling. While this wormwood-heavy concoction is enjoyed all throughout the Balkans, Antique offers a distinctly Croatian spin on the spirit, first created back in 1862 by Franjo Pokorny to aid in digestion. Antique performs beautifully in a cocktail, but for best results, enjoy the spirit with nothing more than an ice cube and a slice of orange,” USA Today writes.

The drink is made from from 100% natural ingredients and the recipe is the oldest and most secret in Badel 1862 archives. The flavour is dominated by wormwood, Pelin in Croatian.

“Antique represents a precious part of the Croatian tradition, and more recently it became a souvenir tasted with pleasure by tourists but they also take it home as the selected Croatian delicacy,” Badel says.

Along with Antique Pelinkovac, other drinks to make the list included rums Novo Fogo, Coconut Cartel, Diplomatico and Plantation, Yellow Rose Whiskey, Scapegrace Black gin and Siponey and Social Hour cocktails.

You can see the full list here.

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