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Croatian Design Creates Playable Business Cards from Old Vinyl Records


The Croatian Phonographic Association have commissioned young graphic designer Ivan Dilberović to get creative with their business cards…

Dilberović, whose portfolio includes collaboration with a number of brands in Croatia, decided to use old vinyl records the Association has in its storeroom to creative a unique business cards complete with fully functioning, phonographic capabilities.

Ivan’s motto behind the business cards, which can play a song of your choice when played under a needle, was ‘Reduce – Reuse – Recycle’.

“As soon as the Croatian Phonographic Association contacted me to design business cards for them, I had this great idea. I suggested that we use the old vinyl records and they accepted the concept,” Ivan says.

A total of 10 business cards are laser cut from every vinyl record, with the data later added to them. No two cards are the same and each has their own sound.

“I tried them and the business cards all really do play,” he added.


You can check more of Ivan’s work here.

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