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Croatian Cooking: Mama’s Fritule Recipe

Croatian-Cooking-Fritule-Recipe1-960x500Don’t expect to drop in to someones place in Croatia and leave without some food ‘forced’ down your mouth, as many can testify to. The hospitable Croatians are expects at rustling up something tasty at the drop of a hat with minimal ingredients on hand…

All you need is around 25 minutes and flour, yeast, eggs, lemon, milk, sugar, butter, and brandy handy in the house to whip up a batch the next time some visitors pop in unannounced (or announced).

“The only tricky thing about making this fritule recipe is learning how to control the oil temperature. Too hot and the fritule will be charred. Too low, and they’ll be oily-soggy balls – practice making one at a time,” says blog Chasing the Donkey, who has mastered the fritule since arriving in Croatia.

Fritule - quick and tasty (photo Credit Podravka)

Fritule – quick and tasty (photo Credit Podravka)

Check out Chasing the Donkey’s recipe and step by step guide how to master the Croatian favourite here.

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