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Croatian cheese producer Gligora wins 4 gold medals at World Cheese Awards 

Gligora wins big in Italy (Photo: Gligora)

24 October 2019 – Croatian cheese producer Sirana Gligora, who are based on the island of Pag, have won 8 medals at this year’s World Cheese Awards (WCA) which were held in Bergamo, Italy last week. 

A record 3,804 cheeses from all over the globe were registered for this year’s competition with Sirana Gligora winning 8 medals, including 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. This was the most from all Croatian cheese producers at the WCA. 

They won gold medals for their famous Paški sir, Likotin affinated in maraska cherries, Kolan Likotin affinated in olive pomace and cow cheese from ash. The silver medals were won for their Likotin affinated in maraska cherries and new cheese with mustard, whilst Gligora’s Žigljen and Liburjan cheeses won bronze medals. 

Gligora’s Paški sir (Photo: Gligora)

“This also serves as a testament to the continued excellence of our Pag cheese, ZOI, which won Supergold at the same fair last year and this year at the Great Taste Awards in London for a maximum of 3 stars. We are very pleased that our affine cheeses, such as the Likotin sheep aged in the maraska cherries, continue to win the highest awards. This gives us an incentive to continue to produce and perfect them.

Two months ago, we were ageing cheeses in sour cherries, and currently we are making cheese aged in wine drop and olive pomace. Since these are relatively unknown cheese making techniques in Croatia, such recognitions help bring such unique products to our consumers. We are also pleased that one of our brand new products, mustard cheese, which has not reach the store shelves yet, won a silver medal at this competition,” said Šime Gligora.

(Photo: Gligora)

Gligora says that they continue to make top cheeses and that they are hoping for new world accolades at upcoming cheeses and food competitions, and that they are just about to open a new “Cheese & Deli” store in the centre of Split with the newly opened delicatessen stores in Zagreb at the Arena and Cvjetni centres.

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