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Croatia to Introduce Themed Beaches

Croatia63A new Ministry of Tourism project announced on Wednesday will see Croatia’s beaches given a category to help tourists select a themed beach which best meets their needs…

Beaches up and down the Adriatic coast will be placed into one of 14 categories with all coastal Counties taking part in the programme. The Counties themselves will be able to decide which type of themed beach they want to develop in their area. In future tourists will be able to select a beach based on the category it has been given.

Themes include diving beaches, nudist beaches, party beaches, family beaches and romantic beaches. The Ministry will help finance the project to upgrade beaches to fit into one of the proposed categories.

“We are aware that the ‘sun and sea’ currently represent the main tourism product offered by Croatian tourism to its guests. It is important for our competitiveness that we continue to improve and work on development. One of the fundamental flaws, which was confirmed in the latest research by Tomas, is that there still are not enough sufficiently well equipped beaches. For this reason, the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and University of Rijeka, have prepared a National Management and Planning Programme for our sea beaches, which is the basis for further development of this product,” said Minister Darko Lorencin.

14 planned categories
– Beach for families and children
– Urban promenade beach
– Beach with entertainment for youth
– Romantic beach
– Sports and recreation beach
– Surf beach
– Dive beach
– Adrenalin beach
– Nudist beach
– Dog beach
– Party beach
– Eco beach
– Culture beach
– Hotel beach

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