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Croatia to grant €27,000 to returning ex-pats under €133m scheme

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ZAGREB, 23 Dec (Hina) – Croatian ex-pats who return and start their own business in Croatia can count on a grant of HRK 50,000 (€6,700) for the return plus HRK 150,000 (€20,000) as self-employment subsidy, the Jutarnji List daily wrote on Wednesday.

Owners who relocate their business to less-developed areas will be entitled to HRK 25,000 (€3,400).

€133m scheme for expats’ return and redistribution of businesses across Croatia

This is an entirely new scheme dubbed “I choose Croatia” that the government is introducing as part of its active employment measures and the scheme will be outlined at the cabinet meeting on Thursday, and should be adopted by the Croatian Employment Service next week.

To this end, the scheme, worth a billion kuna has been prepared, according to the daily newspaper report.

The Ministry of Labour is sending a message that it wants to ensure a qualified labour force throughout Croatia by encouraging expats to return from the EU as well as motivating economic migration to lesser developed areas in the country.

In an effort to motivate young people to return to Croatia from Ireland for example, the government has increased the subsidy for self-employment in green and digital industries to HRK 150,000 for a period of two years. This, in particular, refers to the manufacturing industry,  electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply sector, environment protection activities, landscaping and construction. 

Another measure is directed towards including young people in the labour market through internships in the workplace in green and digital industries. That measure foresees a monthly allowance that would amount to HRK 50,000 a year for employers who hire young interns with secondary-school qualifications and up to HRK 60,000 for recruits with tertiary qualifications.

The third measure is intended for the employment of disadvantaged groups such as the disabled by co-financing the cost of their employment in jobs in green and digital industries. Recipient employers will receive up to HRK 45,000 a year if they employ disadvantaged groups and up to HRK 70,000 for employing someone with a disability, the daily wrote.

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