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‘Croatia Through History’ Gala Event Held in London

Croatia Through History Gala Event Held in London (Photo: Zvonimir Zavacki)

On Monday, March 5, London hosted the anticipated gala event “Croatia Through History – Kontesa Nera”, held at the Caledonian Club, organized by the Croatian World Congress.

The event brought together many Croatians from the Diaspora, but also prominent British entrepreneurs and lovers of Croatia, as well as numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps of the United Kingdom.

The evening was led by Mira Prakatur, who is currently standing on a newly established branch of the Croatian World Congress in the UK and Northern Ireland, and Zlatko Šešet, head of the Croatian World Congress for Sport and Culture Committee in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Mira Prakatur with the Croatian Ambassador to the UK Igor Pokaz (Photo: Zvonimir Zavacki)

Among guests included the Deputy Mayor of Zagreb Olivera Majić, Croatian Ambassador to the UK Igor Pokaz, Ivana Shiell from the Croatian Tourist Board’s London office, Željka Krhač from the Investment and Competition Agency and numerous other guests who, along with the central theme of promoting the rich historical and cultural heritage of Croatia, also considered entrepreneurial ideas that connect the diaspora and the homeland.

Deputy Mayor of Zagreb Olivera Majić and Zlatko Šešet (Photo: Zvonimir Zavacki)

The evening was supported by the Zagreb Tourist Board and Zagreb was presented with a special presentation of the popular Cravat Regiment, telling the story of Croatia as the homeland of the tie. Željko Matejčić, Commander of the Cravat Regiment, was also in attendance.

(Photo: Zvonimir Zavacki)

As part of the program, the film “350 godina od preustroja Royal Cravates” was shown, which educated guests about the long history of the tie and its connection with Croatia.

Rohan Moorthy, from the London City Council, also talked about the history of the cravat and its entry in British high fashion.

Croatian designer Mihaela Marković and her creations (Photo: Zvonimir Zavacki)

Croatian designer Mihaela Marković, who lives and works between Zagreb-Milan-London, held a mini fashion show of her creations which connect traditional Croatian knitting with urban, modern design.

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