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Croatia Shines at Maths Olympiad in Cape Town

PressThe Croatian team will arrive back home from Cape Town, South Africa later today from the 55th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) with 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals…

Croatia’s team was selected based on results from the Croatian Mathematical Olympiad held in April, and after an intensive preparation, the team have been hugely successful in South Africa. Croatia’s medal winners were:

Gold – Mislav Balunović (Slavonski Brod)
Silver – Daniel Paleka (Zadar), Vlatka Vazdar (Zagreb)
Bronze – Erik Banek (Zagreb), Adrian Beker (Zagreb)
Recommendation – Petar Orlić (Zagreb)

Croatia's medal-winning team

Croatia’s medal-winning team

The IMO, which took place from 3-13 July, is the oldest and most prestigious of all the international science Olympiads, and this year’s event set a record for being the biggest, with 560 teens from 101 countries taking part. Each team was made up of 6 members who were tasked with solving three mathematical problems on each day of the event. The next International Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Chiang Mai in 2015.

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