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Croatia Set To Mark “Day Of The Tie”

If you happen to be walking around the Croatian capital Zagreb tomorrow (18 October) and see the unusual site of neck tie’s being tied on statues around the city, it will not be the work of pranksters, but the cities way of celebrating the Day of the Cravat (Tie). There will also be strapping young men strolling the streets dressed in replicas of 17th century Croatian military uniforms and organizing various educational happenings.

The marking of the Day of the Cravat was initiated six years ago by the Academia Cravatica. They staged a unique performance in Pula which included the spectacular tying of a large tie around the Roman Arena. This event was broadcast to more than one billion people.

The tie was first used as an item of clothing by Croatian soldiers back in the 17th century. The oldest Croatian portrait of a person wearing a cravat was painted in Dubrovnik in 1622 and depicted the great Croatian poet Ivan Gundulic with a scarf tied around his neck like a cravat. This portrait is currently safeguarded at the Rector’s Palace, write the Zagreb Tourist Board.

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