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Croatia Set to Freeze Under -25°C

Winter is about to show its teeth this weekend across Croatia with some serious cold on the way for most of the country.

According to weather forecasters Crometeo, the second half of the first week of the new year is set to bring some extreme cold weather.

The coldest days will be Friday and Saturday, when temperatures will drop at night to -10°C on the coast, -20°C in Zagorje and down to -25°C in the highest parts of the country.

On the coast the famous bura wind is set to blow, making conditions feel even cooler.

Crometeo have published a weather map showing how cold it will be over Croatia. Most of the country is under a purple shade, indicating temperatures of between -10 and -20°C.

(photo: Crometeo)

This weekend will not come close to the coldest ever temperature recorded in Croatia. That occured back in 1929 when temperatures of -35.5 °C was recorded in Čakovec.

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