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Croatia Ranks High on Latest Passport Power Index

Croatian passport can access 143 countries visa-free

The latest Arton Capital’s Passport Index has Croatia ranked in 15th equal place on the power rank index as to which countries can be accessed on their passport.

The Croatian passport, which can access 143 countries without the need of obtaining a visa, is ranked 15th, equal with Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The global financial advisory firm Arton Capital compiled government data from 193 countries to create the latest 2017 ranking. In a similar ranking last year Croatia was in 24th equal place.

Countries where Croatians still needed to obtain visas included a number of African nations, Pakistan, Qatar, Thailand, Russia and the United States, You can check out the nations here.

(Photo: Passport Index)

Germany and Singapore were ranked in number one spot as the most powerful passports, accessing 159 countries visa-free.

Sweden and South Korea were in second spot followed by Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. The Australian passport can access 154 nations visa-free.

Afghanistan was ranked last with only 22 countries, just below Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia.

Check out the full global ranking here.

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