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Croatia Left Without Milk? Price Dispute Escalates

Dairy farmers in Croatia  have stopped delivering milk to processors. That is, say representatives of the Dairy Farmers Association and seven county agricultural associations, the only way to positively operate. About 90 percent of domestic milk for processing has been stopped because of a dispute over the price which dairy farmers are being paid for their milk. Instead of the current 2.10, kuna (0.28 euro) a litre, the farmers are demanding 4.05 kuna (0.54), reports Croatian radiotelevision.

Dairy Farmers Association spokesmen Nedljeljko Babic is hoping that the ministry meets the dairy farmers demands, and Antun Laslo, committee president for defending milk prices, has sent the ministry an ultimatum if they don’t. “If there is no response, we will tip the milk over the fields,” said Laslo.

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