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Croatia Leads Home Ownership in EU – Every Second Germany Renting


Around 60% of EU citizens live in houses, whilst around 70% of people own the homes they live in. Croatia is well above the average for both of those stats according to the latest Eurostat report…

Croatia is second on list in the European Union for living in houses, and fourth on the list when it comes to owning the homes they live in. 80.8% of Croats live in houses, only behind UK citizens, who were in first place with 84.7%. At the other end of the standings, Spain, where two-thirds of the population live in apartments, Lithuania and Greece only had just over 50% of its citizens living in houses.

Croatia were ranked in fourth spot for the percentage of citizens owning the homes they live in. 89.7% of Croats own the home they live in according to Monday’s data. Romania (96.1%), Slovakia (90.3%), and Lithuania (89%) were only ahead of Croatia.

The Germans were the biggest renters in the EU, with 52.5% of its citizens owning the homes they lived in. Next was Austria (57.2%), Denmark (63.3%), UK (64.8%) and France (65%.1).

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