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Croatia included on Hungary’s “green list”


ZAGREB, July 13 (Hina) – The Hungarian government has included Croatia on the so-called green list of countries, meaning that Hungarian citizens who visit Croatia as tourists are not required to go into quarantine or present a negative COVID-19 test on returning to Hungary, the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) said on Monday. 

“The Hungarian travel market is among the top ten source markets for the Croatian tourism industry and we believe the news of Croatia being categorised as green will further encourage Hungarian tourists to spend their holidays in Croatia,” said the head of the HTZ office in Hungary, Ivana Herceg, adding that Hungary has categorised the countries of the world into three groups, colour coded red, yellow and green, because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Herceg said that a recent meeting with the owner of the Vir Sziget company, which sells and rents properties on Vir island, had confirmed a great interest among Hungarian tourists in Vir island and the whole of Croatia, adding that she believed this interest would continue and tourists would continue coming if the epidemiological situation in Croatia remained unchanged.

Herceg said that nearly 30,000 Hungarian tourists had arrived in Croatia this month, generating over 150,000 overnight stays, which is about 45 percent of the result achieved at the same time last year.

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