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Croatia-Hungary – 800 Years of Common Cultural Heritage exhibition opens in Budapest

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“Ars et virtus Croatia – Hungary, 800 years of joint cultural heritage” (Klovićevi Dvori Gallery)

ZAGREB, 2 Dec (Hina) – An exhibition entitled “Ars et Virtus Croatia-Hungary. 800 Years of Common Cultural Heritage”, which was already staged in Zagreb’s Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, will opens at Hungary’s National Museum in Budapest on 9 December, rounding off several years of cooperation and work on that large project.

The exhibition presents relations between the two countries in the area of culture and fine arts, presenting the best pieces of art from their shared heritage in a chronological order from the Middle Ages to 1918.

The exhibition presents about 140 items, of which 56 are from Hungary and 4 from Austria. The items have been borrowed from church and monastery treasuries, museums and galleries, archives and libraries as well as private collections.

The organisers of the exhibition, Petra Vugrinec and the director of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Antonio Picukarić, were decorated with the Hungarian Gold Cross for having contributed to the “joint creative power of the two countries, peoples and cultures,” thus strengthening the “cohesion of the two peoples, mutual respect and the faded recollection of the shared past.”

The exhibition at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest will remain open until 15 March.

The entire project, launched by Croatia’s Ministry of Culture on the occasion of Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020, was organised by the Kovićevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb and the Hungarian National Museum.

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