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Croatia has sufficient hospital capacities and protective equipment

ZAGREB, Oct 19 (Hina) – Assistant Interior Minister in charge of civil protection, Damir Trut on Monday said that Croatia has sufficient accommodation capacities and epidemic protection equipment to treat covid-19 patients.

Trut, who visited the civil protection warehouse in Jastrebarsko, told the commercial RTL broadcaster that erecting accommodation capacities in sports venues would come as the third stage in increasing capacities.

First we will fill accommodation capacities in defined hospitals and then the next level will be in rehabilitation centres such as Biograd and Topusko and then the third stage would be sports venues as was done in the spring when we prepared the Arena Zagreb hall, he explained.

If health workers request that capacities be extended, we will be ready within 48 hours to erect a field hospital at any location, he said.

Trut added that there is sufficient equipment for a certain period.

There are some 13 million various articles in the Jastrebarsko warehouse including 5.4 million masks and 1,200 tonnes of protective equipment. That is distributed to regional warehouses and then from there to hospitals, care facilities and other beneficiaries, he explained.

Trut said that over the weekend 346 inspections were conducted, 38 verbal warnings and three infringement notices were issued and one pecuniary fine was imposed.

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