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Croatia ‘Extremely Warm and Wet’ Year of Weather

Croatia36Last year the whole of Croatia experienced extremely warm temperatures, and for the most part it was extremely rainy, the nation’s Met Office says…

It is the fifth year in a row that Croatia’s annual temperature has sat in the ‘extremely warm’ category. During 2014, air temperatures were higher than the 30-year average by between 1.1 degree celsius on the island Vis, and 2.5 degrees celsius in Gospić in the Lika region. Gospić is renowned for recording the lowest air temperature ever in Croatia – minus 28.9 degree celsius back in the winter of 1963.

Whilst it was another very warm year, 2014 was a wet one too in Croatia with the average annual precipitation last year at a five-year high. The amounts of precipitation in 2014 ranged between 127 % of the 30-year average in Osijek , to 175% of the 30-year average on Hvar, where 1,275 mm of rain fell.

The increase in temperature trend in the 20th century globally was also recorded at weather stations in Croatia, with increased of between 0.02 and 0.07 degrees celsius every ten years.

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