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Croatia Exports Weapons and Military Equipment to the Tune of 200 Million USD

Croatian-soldierCroatia exported a massive 200 million USD worth of weapons and military equipment in 2013, government agency ‘Alan’ has said…

Alan’s Director Ivica Nekić told daily Vecernji list that the exports are mainly newly manufactured weapons and military equipment that meets the most demanding international standards, as evidenced by the destinations of the exports and customers which include a number of developed countries or countries that buy only the best and the most expensive products.

Around 50% of the total exports end up in America, where Karlovac firearms manufacturer HS Produkt, best known for design and production of the HS2000 and XDm, a semi-automatic pistol sold in the US market as the Springfield Armory XD, exported around 490,000 various types of guns. HS Produkt in the last three years alone have exported guns to the US worth over 100 million USD annually. Besides the US, they also export their products to Austria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Philipines, Greece, Iraq, Italy, South Africa, Jordan, Kazakstan, Columbia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Tunis, Germany and a number of other nations.

Another global player performing well on the world stage is military equipment producer Šestan-Busch. In 2013 the Prelog-based manufacturer exported around 60,000 helmets to 16 countries. The firm has now exported more than 600,000 helmets to over 50 countries and has a 120 million euro contract to produce 160,000 helmets for Iraq over the next 2 years.

Šestan-Busch manufactures the unique Modular helmet which consists of 6 different integrating components, and provides complete protection from the head to the shoulders. The helmet replaces all previous helmets and meets the needs of all the facets of the military, special forces and police. Within a minute a soldier or police officer with one hand can assemble and disassemble the helmet and put it on his head.

Davor Pahek and Alojzije Šestan from Šestan – Busch with their popular product (pic: UIH)

Davor Pahek and Alojzije Šestan from Šestan – Busch with their popular product (pic: UIH)


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